Inspiring kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them

We’d like to introduce you to the people that our lead our program!

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Malcolm Beaulieu


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Erika Brooks


Married: Yes, to a wonderful man named Will Brooks that I met at ROCA!

Kids: No

Pets: NEVER!

Main work/business: I’m the Community Building Manager at NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire

Favorite meal: Pepperoni pizza with Caesar salad

Served with Roca for how many years: 5 years

What do you like to do in your spare time: Read. Go for walks. Kayak. Volunteer.

What inspires you: Jesus. Resilient people; People who have all the odds stacked against them, and still are successful.

Why do you choose to serve on the board of Roca Kidz Club: I was adamant about being at ROCA Kidz Club every Thursday for a long time. I wanted to make sure I was consistent for the kids who don’t have consistency in their lives. Work changed for me, and I established great relationships with kids from ROCA that I see outside of Thursday nights and do life with. The Board and this one-on-one discipleship is how I give back to ROCA since I cannot be there on Thursdays right now.

Who is a hero of yours: I have many, but my favorites are…My Parents, Corrie ten Boom (a woman who was unafraid and unashamed), and Immaculee Ilibagiza (she survived the Rwandan genocide in a bathroom and now tells the story of how God kept her). These women care about empowering other girls, and that is my life’s goal.

What’s something quirky about you: I have a little bit of OCD. I cannot have something touch the right side of my body, and not touch my left.

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Michele Richard


Jacob Young.jpg

Jacob Young


Married: Yes, to my wife Michelle – 12 years.

Kids: 4 boys

Pets: I’m a Christian; Of course not!

Main work/business: I’m a pastor of King’s Cross Church 

Favorite meal: A steak, broiled broccoli, Imperial Stout dinner with my wife.

Served with Roca for how many years: 3 ½ years

What do you like to do in your spare time: I’m big into strength training, especially the Starting Strength model and methodology taught by Mark Rippetoe. I enjoy understanding and applying how the body responds to external stress to adapt and get stronger. Currently, another side project of mine is teaching my youngest son how to walk. Otherwise, I spend a fair amount of my time with my friends in downtown Manchester.

What inspires you: I love seeing God’s presence in the small areas of life. In the ordinary things… that is the real place of God’s activity. I love the mission of God to glorify himself through Jesus in our neighborhood, in our home, at our table. 

Why do you choose to serve on the board of Roca Kidz Club: Because I’m the best.

Who is a hero of yours: Is it cliché to say my wife? She exudes the mercy and patience I desire to have for others, and the sacrificial life that plants and waters grace in other people’s lives. Apart from my wife, David Pinckney, the pastor at River of Grace in Concord, NH, is a hero of mine. I’d like to be as good a pastor as he is some day.

What’s something quirky about you: I always plant my right foot on the top of a staircase.

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A.J. Hebert


Married: Yes to my Mamacita, Jenn Hebert.

Kids: 2 kids - Nicholas and Kaelyn

Pets: Unfortunately, I have a cat and getting another dog is inevitable, but I’m putting it off as long as possible.

Main work/business: I am owned by my small business where I do contracted construction work.

Favorite meal: Steak baby!

What do you like to do in your spare time: I’m not sure what that is… “spare time” is a foreign to me.

What inspires you: People who think of others even when times are tough for them.

Why do you choose to serve on the board of Roca Kidz Club:  The vision and ROCA is really important to me and I want to do everything I can so that it reaches into the lives of everyone who comes across it.

Who is a hero of yours:  Batman - he’s got a cool tool for every situation.

What’s something quirky about you: I like to laugh at my own jokes. 

Jenn Hebert.jpg

Jenn Hebert


Married: Yes, to my hunk, A.J. Hebert.

Kids: 2 adult kids

Pets: A cat (soon to be dog)

Main work/business: Roca, a family business with my husband, AJ, Group Fitness & AdvoCare

Favorite meal: Breakfast

What do you like to do in your spare time: Dance, workout, read, and spending time with others.

What inspires you: My relationship with God inspires me the most… Inspires me to love, forgive, and to life a life to the full.

Why do you choose to serve on the board of Roca Kidz Club: I’m not a board member, but as the director I bring insight to our board about the ins and outs of work within the community.

Who is a hero of yours: AJ Hebert aka my husband.

What’s something quirky about you: I’m double jointed in all fingers and both elbows.


Our On-site Roca Crew Leaders

Our Roca Kidz Club locations are run by our coaching teams. These wonderful people volunteer their time to lead our weekly program and logistics. Our coaches lead our volunteers and together they inspire our kids with the genuine love of God that we all use to change the world around us.


Our Roca crew at our

Wilson Street location


Our ROCA crew at our

Cedar Street location