Inspiring kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them

Many times we are asked “how is Roca funded? Who pays for all this?”. The answer to the question is always a bit hard for us to answer without sounding slightly cliche, but the truth is…


We occasionally do fund raising events, but more often than not, we are funded by people who hear about what we do and want to support our mission to inspire kids with the genuine love of God to our inner city neighborhoods. Often our fund raising endeavors happen something like this…


We’re funded by…

  • I met a woman in the Christian book store and she decided to buy Bibles for our locations.

  • We were connected to another family who donated pizza once a month for a year.

  • We often have families who come to donate their time and also bring napkins, plates, and cups with them.


We are blessed to be in a community that sees a need and not only prays about the need, but chooses to use their own resources to meet the need.



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We often have people what to donate clothes and toys for the children. We, as Roca Kidz Club, are not able to accept these kinds of donations because we have no where to store them, but we are happy to connect you to partnering ministries and organizations that would love to receive your donation. Please send us a note using the form below to be connected!

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