Meet Our Dedicated Team

Passionate Leaders Shaping Future Generations
At Roca Kidz Club, our strength comes from God and is reflected in the passionate and dedicated people who lead our programs and support our mission. Meet our coaches, staff, and board of directors whose faith and commitment drive our vision forward.

Roca Kidz Coaches

Each coaching team is supported by a dedicated group of leaders and volunteers, all committed to serving our kidz with love and encouragement. 

Kristi Hunter

Wilson St

Kathi Clark, Mike & Michele Elliott

Cedar St

Heather Pfeifer, Dan & Hannah Baker

Conant St

Ruth Chenel

Teenz Program


Jennifer Hebert

Executive Director

Michele Elliott


Heather Pfeifer

Food & Donations

Kathi Clark

Events Coordinator / Special Projects

Ruth Chenel

Outreach Coordinator & Donor Relations

Terri Smith

Storyteller & Media Manager

Board of Directors

AJ Hebert

President / Co-Founder

Mike Elliott

Vice President

Rick Burke


Michele Richard


Janna Burke


Jennifer Hebert

Executive Director/CoF

Grateful for Our Dedicated Team

We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our coaches, staff, and board members. Their passion and commitment help us make a difference in the lives of children and teenz in our community.

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