Inspiring kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them

Inspiring kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them

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Our goal is to inspire kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them.

Why Roca?





“Upon this rock I'll build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail”

Matthew 16:15

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Our Story

AJ and Jenn Hebert have been involved with kids and families for as long as they can remember. As a family, they have experienced the genuine love of God through healing in their marriage and family. After going on many international short term mission trips, they went on a domestic trip to Buffalo, NY where they witnessed the Johns family love kids and families through the Buffalo Dream Center. Pastors Eric & Michele Johns had a saying "see a need, meet a need." The family returned to Buffalo, NY for several mission trips.  In 2011, the family experienced hard times in their finances, their marriage, and was seeking God’s wisdom on living everyday life. It was in those hard places that, through prayer, God shared with Jenn about reaching kids in the city of Manchester, NH through a bright orange rock she dug out of her backyard. When she had been looking for answers on provision for their family, God spoke to her about provision for "His" family and it started with the kids of Manchester. 

"Upon this rock I'll build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail" Matt 16:15. 

When the world is looking for answers, we can find them right there - with children. 

Children are the rock. They are a foundation of change and inspiration. Jenn and AJ knew that even with nothing, they were to start something. 

AJ named it "Roca Kidz Club". Roca means rock in Spanish. 

AJ and Jenn value community and live a kingdom life. They are business owners, foster parents and love the kingdom of God. They have seen so much change and growth because of relationships with God and others around them. They knew that Roca Kidz Club was to be something that everyone could be a part of and where people came together. Roca is not a church, but acting as a body together. AJ knew Roca was to be a place where kids would know the genuine love of God and that people would be inspired in their gifts and abilities. 

We reached out to Believers Christian Outreach on the corner of Wilson and Somerville Street and asked them if we could use their building. They opened their doors to something new, but something they had been praying into for many years. We shared with friends what we wanted to do and on June 9th, 2011 Roca Kidz club was launched. With a few hours of passing out fliers to the neighborhood, we saw 35 kids that first Thursday. 

Kids kept coming. Volunteers kept coming. 

3 years later, in October 2014 we launched a 2nd location at Hope Tabernacle where kids kept coming and volunteers kept coming. 

Today we have kids from what seems like every nation coming on Thursday nights. We have volunteers from many churches, cites, businesses and communities. 

AJ, Jenn, Nick and Kaelyn Hebert may have started Roca Kidz Club, but it is the heart of others who reach out to the kids regularly to love them, feed them, and teach them that truly allows them to experience the genuine love of God. We are about relationships and loving these kids as Jesus loves them. Their lives are being changed forever. 


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